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Case Study: Transfers V2


As the lead product designer, I focused on designing the V2 experience for the entire Transfers flow. Collaborating closely with cross-functional teams, I incorporated user feedback, engineering constraints to create a cohesive V2 experience for users to move money.

Final Designs


The Process


Clarity in the everyday transfers flow

Within any banking platform, the process of making transfers stands as a pivotal feature that customers inevitably engage with within their accounts. Both the visual and experiential aspects of our original transfers flow needed a significant revamp. Customers frequently encountered issues regarding expected timing, coupled with the absence of any means to track past or future transfer activity.

In addition, with our newest feature, Routines, coming to life, that opened the opportunity to introduce more flexible recurring transfers to the transfers flow.


I collaborated with the Customer Experience team to find out what the most common frustrations happen related to Transfers. Transfer timing was the one of the most confusing things to customers. As I worked on the designs, more opportunities for improvement revealed themselves.

I don’t know when to expect the money to leave one account and arrive at another. It seems quick sometimes and very slow other times.

Our original experience relied on complicated states that determined the type of information to share that resulted in showing the wrong information, or being too generic about transfer posting timing. It was in our best interest to be clear to users about timing in order to have less contacts to the customer service team, and reduce confusion for the customer.

I don’t have much clarity about my existing scheduled transfers and if I can cancel them.

We relied too much on iconography to speak to the transfer activity. Sometimes less text does not mean clear to understand. Additionally, users were not able to cancel scheduled transfers in the app, but had to contact customer support.

I don’t have the ability to set recurring transfers based on my own unique needs.

With the introduction of Routines into our product, we now had very flexible ways to create recurring transfers - monthly on a certain day, weekly on a certain day. We needed to have continuity across the application for these abilities and adding to the transfers flow was an obvious win.


Clarity and Design Consistency

As one might expect, legal and compliance is a huge requirement for any designs in banking. Therefore, accuracy and clarity about transfers and any related side interactions were the main goals so customers would not be confused or feel deceived about their money movement.

Design consistency across the app was important for developing a reliable and trustable banking platform.


Analyze how other institutions tackle this problem; What works and what could be better

I researched the way that other financial institutions tackled transfers. There was not one "best practice" that all banks followed, which let me know that some user testing would be needed.


Identify the easiest-to-understand language usage

Money in/money out, deposit/withdrawal, into/from - these were some of the mental models we tested on Maze for users. The most intuitive language used was deposit/withdrawal/transfer between which informed our designs and the language used throughout the whole flow.


Review design flow and content with legal teams to satisfy FDIC laws and regulations

The last part of the process before handing off to engineers is reviewing with the legal/compliance team. At HMBradley, we have internal lawyers and also external lawyers that all must approve our work. This process includes thorough explanations of the project and all changes, balancing competing priorities between being legally compliant but also not impeding on design goals (clarity, context) for the end user, and of course doing said process in a timely manner to get this shipped!

Our process was on MarkUp with the internal legal team- a platform making it easy to make and track comments on any PDF/PNG file, and Linear and Monday with our external legal teams.


Leading Design x Engineering handoff meeting

When the designs are approved and finalized, I schedule a live design x engineering kickoff meeting to explain the new changes + leave room for any questions. I provide clear and details Figma files for all devices: web, mobile web, and native app.


Reduced customer questions about transfer times

The simplified and improved transfers experience reduced customer confusion about transfer times. Since we also added the ability to initiate and track recurring transfers, there is more connectivity across the application.


Be as clear and honest as possible.

Transfer posting times in banking feels ambiguous. Most of us cannot with confidence, explain who is at fault in the process - the receiving institution, the initiating institution, the payment network. The best we can do right now as the initiating institution is be clear about what we do know, and what is dependent on other institutions. 

Next steps for this project is to continue monitoring customer support tickets to see how customers are interacting with the transfers flow and where pain points are happening, or if language needs to be adjusted to maintain clarity.

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