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Hey, I'm Michele

What's up! I was born and raised in San Ramon, California (a nice suburb in the East Bay Area) and now live in sunny Los Angeles!


4 paragraphs not interesting enough? I have a blog too! 


Exploring creativity

I was lucky enough to go to UCLA for undergrad where I graduated with my B.S. in Biology. While the class topics may not apply as directly to my design work today, I definitely learned a thing (or ten) about discipline, passion, and curiosity.

I've always had an interest in exercising the creative areas of my brain. This pen and Copic marker drawing of Royce Hall that I created a few years ago showcases that creativity, attention to detail, and a love for UCLA's beautiful campus :')

Expanding horizons

I love getting outside. Getting literally outside or getting metaphorically outside of my comfort zone. My design career exploration was vast, and I had a great time tackling the beast head on. I learned so much along the way and I am still hungry to learn the next  thing.

My next outdoor adventure that I dream about would have to be abroad to countries like Switzerland, Thailand, New Zealand, andddd everywhere in between.


Learning Fearlessly

Did I succeed this climb eventually? No! I have grown to become a decent rock climber, but an even better faller. I love to try out new things and tackle ambiguity. There is a unique beauty to idea-vomiting with a great group of diverse minds.

That is the beta ;)

Appreciating the present

Meet Bobby, my 17 year old Red Eared Slider! He just chills everyday, basking in the sunlight from 7-5 and absorbing the environment around him. Like Bobby, I have grown to be someone who appreciates the present moment and all of the progress that has led up to now. No regrets, just learning experiences!


Check out my blog to learn more about me!

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