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UpKeep is an Asset Operations Management platform built to empower maintenance, operations, and reliability teams. This cloud-based software allows teams to ditch the paper trail and focus on becoming more efficient in the things that matter.

My role

Nov 2022 - Present

June 2020 - Dec 2020 

I was a designer on UpKeep's operations team. Some of my biggest projects included creating the company's first visual guidelines as well as improve the information architecture of their internal company website. I also dabbled in graphic design by creating a sub-product logo, creating graphics to promote their educational courses for customers, as well as enhancing the team's onboarding documents. 

Visual Identity Guidelines

This was the company's first Visual Identity Guidelines. I had the opportunity to talk with people in various departments to gather all of the information presented here.

Marketing Collateral

I designed marketing collateral for internal company use, social media, customer conferences and more.

UpKeep Logo design

I had the opportunity to design 2 logos for UpKeep. The first was for UpKeep Edge, a sensor product that monitors asset health by leveraging sensors, and analytics. I collaborated with the leaders of the Edge team to create a logo that would be printed on the product and used on the software.

The second logo was for The Maintenance Community, UpKeep's online community of 3,000+ industry experts and maintenance professionals who host webinars and facilitate discussion in a monitored LinkedIn and Slack group.

Various Graphic Design

Using Figma and Canva, I created graphics to promote Reliability City, UpKeep's educational course designed to help people pass the CMRP exam. I also created social media templates, internal onboarding and offboarding documents, and more.

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